What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that provides the building interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications. It is a component-based frontend library produce only for the view layer of an application. Note: In Model View Controller(MVC) architecture, React is a view layer that defines the looks and feels of application. React applications is work […]

Deploy a React JS Application to Amazon S3 bucket with Bitbucket CI/CD pipeline

Some feel overhead to use CI/CD pipeline but it really isn’t. It is a very useful tool for runnable specification of the steps that deliver a new version of application. In case of not using CI/CD pipeline may be some miss in the code or forgot to test the application. So to prevent the common […]

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Integrate Bitbucket CI/CD with React JS

CI/CD is a process to manage the release updates and deliver bug-free code in software development. In which you can initiate code builds, run automated tests, run custom scripts and deploy the code on staging or production environments. In the market, many tools/websites are available to integrate the CI/CD pipeline. “CI/CD” stands for the Continuous […]

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